Tuesday, 30 May 2017

ko wai au

Ko wai au
This is my paddle it represents me by me by the words on it. It has my name, my culture and what I like to do. So I like art because art you can make your world to whatever you put your mind to. Hockey, I like hockey because it is a sport that I grew up playing and while I was growing up I had a feeling where I wanted to play for ever but I stopped playing because I missed out but now I’m playing. I also like reading because when I read it makes a picture in my head and I’m one of the characters and doing action but the dumb thing is that it I can’t hear that well. It also has my culture I’m samoan, cook island that is my dad’s side and I’m Australian on my mum’s side. I’m lucky they are my parents because they do so much for me. For the handle I dyed it redish orangish because I am a very big fan of red I like that I dyed it, the yellow represents the sun in the islands and that is my paddle.

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